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… people who speak about, coach, consult and actively promote VBE knowing it by heart.

Matthäus Bulgarini

WU Vienna

Yvonne Hofstetter

21 Strategies

Soner Bargu

Kern AG

Maxim Munin

Sabine Singer

Sophisticated Simplicity GmbH

Martin Giesswein

WU Executive Academy

Mert Cuhadaroglu

Ethos AI

Trish Shaw

Beyond Reach

Svenja Schröder

msg Plaut Austria GmbH

Mario Tokarz

Rightminded AI


... people who have taken VBE training and love it so much that they support its mission.

Veronika Bauer

Veronika Bauer Coaching & Consulting

Naz Cilo-van Norel

Woman AI Academy  

Antje König

HoValorem GmbH

Sascha Lamatsch

Aschauer IT & Business GmbH

Alexandra Prinz

KPMG Austria

Judith Rathmanner

Aschauer IT & Business GmbH

Lukas Rohm

Aschauer IT & Business GmbH

Florian Wurzer

msg Plaut Austria GmbH