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Yvonne Hofstetter and Joseph Verbovszky (2023): "How AI Learns the Bundeswehr's "Innere Führung"

DAIO Study

Martin Giesswein, Yvonne Pirkner, Martin Rohla, Barbara Stöttinger: "Der digitale Impact Ihrer Organisation"


Sarah Spiekermann (2021): "From Value-lists to Value-based Engineering with IEEE 7000TM"


Sarah Spiekermann and Till Winkler (2020): "Value-based Engineering for Ethics by Design"

Working Paper


Kathrin Bednar and Sarah Spiekermann (2023): "The Power of Ethics: Uncovering Technology Risks and Positive Value Potentials in IT Innovation Planning"

Research Paper

Kathrin Bednar (2023): "Bridging ethics and technology design: A value-based approach to IT innovation"


Till Winkler (2023): "A Concept for Evaluating Value-oriented Frameworks in Software Engineering"


Kathrin Bednar and Sarah Spiekermann (2021): "Eliciting Values for Technology Design with Moral Philosophy: An Empirical Exploration of Effects and Shortcomings"

Sarah Spiekermann, Till Winkler and Kathrin Bednar (2019): "A Telemedicine Case Study for the early phases of Value based Engineering"

Working Paper